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There are almost no other ready-made materials on market access and reimbursement for medical devices, IVD test and e-health solutions in European countries

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As this is a secondary project to the consulting practice of MTRC, all seminars are available at a relatively low cost. 

Broad range of seminars

Get a comprehensive overview of  market access at the EU level or dive into specific markets (>20) and topics (such as innovation funding and HTA)

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What's new?

January 2021: Update of the overview of the Norwegian reimbursement system (substantially revised information about payment model, i.e., introduced the STG (long-term patient-centric care) and TFG (bundled payments) systems)

December 2020: Update of the overview of the Danish reimbursement system (substantially revised information about payment model (e.g., for highly specialized services), role of DRG system for payment for health care services, new information about types of clinical services in Denmark)

November 2020: Update of the Swiss IVD overview and technical presentation – added the information that Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) is possible for IVD tests as well

October 2020: Update of the overview of German reimbursement system (Regarding early benefit assessment, the hospitals must submit the scientific dossier in agreement with the medical device manufacturer)

September 2020: Update of the overview of French IVD reimbursement system (updated the innovation funding landscape with ‘Forfait Innovation’, the scope of use of the NABM nomenclature, and added details about Supplementary List)

Update of the overview of English IVD reimbursement system (introduced a slide with National Genomic Test Directory concept, updated the summary of innovation landscape with the MedTech Funding Mandate and Rapid Uptake Products)

Update of the overview of German outpatient reimbursement system (introduced the criteria for G-BA evaluation)

Update of the overview of Spanish reimbursement system (broader explanation of the criteria for the inclusion/exclusion in the Common Package of Benefits)

August 2020: Update of the overview of Finnish reimbursement system (timelines for procedure code / DRG change)

July 2020: Update of the overview of Swedish reimbursement system (new information about Orderly introduction of medical devices)

Update of overview of Swiss reimbursement system (timelines for procedure code / DRG change)

Update of the overview of German IVD reimbursement system

Update of the syndicated report on reimbursement of health apps in Europe (first reimbursed apps in Belgium and France)

June 2020: Update of syndicated report on med tech HTA activity in Europe in 2019

May 2020: Overview of reimbursement system for IVD tests in Turkey

Substantial update of the overview of the French system: Financial Incentive for Quality Improvement (IFAQ) scheme, intra-GHS reimbursement pathway

April 2020: Syndicated report on reimbursement of diagnostic testing for COVID-19 in Europe

Substantial update of the overview of the English system: changes in the innovation funding landscape, updates related to Commissioning through Evaluation and Innovation and Technology Payment, Rapid Uptake Products and Pathway Transformation Fund, MedTech Funding Mandate, Device Working Groups and centralized procurement of the High Cost Device List products

March 2020: Syndicated report on reimbursement of health apps in Europe

February 2020: Overview of reimbursement systems for IVD tests in Belgium, China, Russia, USA

About the Developer of the Seminars

All educational materials are developed by European Med Tech and IVD Reimbursement Consulting Ltd (MTRC), one of the leading EU consulting companies

MTRC provides regular reimbursement services to 15 of the top 30 Med Tech companies

Each year, MTRC completes about 130 market access projects

The company is founded by Oleg Borisenko, MD, PhD. He has more than 13 years' experience in market access, health economics, and value development

Visit MTRC website

We summarized the essential market access information from our extensive consulting practice

A trusted vendor

15 out of top-30 global Med Tech companies regularly use reimbursement expertise of MTRC. Over last three years MTRC helped 108 Med Tech and IVD companies

Broad geographic coverage

MTRC provides regular services in 19 European countries. In-house coverage of major languages with the team of 15 analysts; on-demand access to local consultants

High professional activity

Over last three years, MTRC accomplished 401 market access projects in Europe

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