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What's new?

October 2023: Update of the overview of the Belgian hospital system (new slide for overview of reimbursement pathways was added; new slide for expected changes in the healthcare system was added)

October 2023: Update of the overview of the English hospital system (2023/25 NHS Payment Scheme replaced National Tariff Payment System from April 2023; a new type of NICE assessment, called Health Technology Evaluation, was introduced and Medtech Innovation Briefings were discontinued)

May 2023: Released new overviews of Bulgarian, Croatian, and Hungarian hospital reimbursement systems

April 2023Update of the Med Tech market access for non-market access professionals presentation (updated the list of Innovative Payment Schemes in Europe)

January 2023: Update of the overview of the English hospital reimbursement system (added info on the status of Med Tech Funding Mandate in 2023/24 and on the application deadline for changes in 2024/25 High Cost Device List)

Update of the overview of the German hospital reimbursement system (introduced the Central reallocation pool, Gesundheitsfonds, in the money flow slide; introduced several slides that describe the reimbursement in outpatient and day case settings, and day case surgery; introduced a new slide describing the Contract Transparency Office)

Update of the overview of the Italian hospital reimbursement system (completely updated the slide explaining the guaranteed basket of services, LEA; introduced a slide on the status of the de novo It.DRG system, introduced slides providing details about DRG splits and add-on reimbursement in Italian regions; introduced a slide that describes the relevance of regional coverage decisions; added two slides describing the HTA body in Tuscany)

Update of the overview of the Polish hospital reimbursement system (introduced a slide describing the reimbursement in outpatient and day case settings; introduced a slide describing the hospital-based HTA project in Poland)

Update of the overview of the Romanian hospital reimbursement system (introduced a slide defining the aspects of market access; described the difference between the minimum package and the basic package of guaranteed services; completely re-worked the slide that explains how hospitals are financed; introduced the concept of the Single National Health Insurance Fund (FNUASS) in the money flow slide)

Update of the overview of the Russian hospital reimbursement system (overview of HEMC List III for unique treatment methods in cardiovascular surgery and organ transplantation was added; slide with the framework for the development of novel types of High-End Medical Care was updated; slides with overview of ambulatory care reimbursement were added; information regarding the Clinical Approbation framework was significantly updated in accordance with the new regulations)Update of the overview of the Spanish hospital reimbursement system (Added several slides related to innovative payment schemes)

December 2022: Substantial update of the overview of the German reimbursement system for screening methods (substantially updated the slides which describe the relevant stakeholders, general landscape, and legal foundation for screening programs, introduced slides that describe the evaluation and decision-making process by the Federal Joint Committee, updated the slide with criteria for reimbursement and added specifics of evidence requirements)

October 2022: Update of the overview of Luxembourgish hospital and out-patient reimbursement system (Introduced two slides describing the overview of the reimbursement system for medical aids)

September 2022: Update of the overview of English hospital reimbursement system (Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) became fully operational and replaced Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) from July 01, 2022; added information on expected changes in the payment system from April 2023; NHS Innovation Service will replace HealthTech Connect)

June 2022: Major update of the overview of the Czech hospital reimbursement system (defined the aspects of market access, described the concept of Reimbursement Directive, described the existing payment models for hospital care in 2022, updated the description of obtaining reimbursement for a new medical procedure or device, explained the ongoing development of the new procedural classification for the CZ-DRG system, introduced the concept of the separately reimbursed material (ZUM) with an example, updated the information regarding the status of health technology assessment in the country)

Update of the overview of Polish hospital reimbursement system (provided more clarity on the payment models for inpatient care, updated the description of the process of integration of novel procedures into the Polish reimbursement system (health benefit catalog), as well as the process of updating the reimbursement tariffs, introduced the content of the application forms for changes in the DRG system)

Update of the overview of Greek hospital reimbursement system (updated the description of current status of implementation of the new Greek DRG (Gr-DRG) system, introduced slides that describe the process of obtaining reimbursement in Greece (with examples))

May 2022: Update of the overview of English hospital reimbursement system (introduced the Integrated Care Systems (ICS) as new local commissioning stakeholders, introduced Unified Tech Fund (UTF) as a mean that supports innovation, added a new slide for Evidence-based interventions program)

Update of the overview of French hospital reimbursement system (updated the overview of the transitional coverage framework and provided an example and added this framework to the summary of innovative landscape in France, mentioned that the new telemonitoring reimbursement framework is expected in 2022 

Released a new free webinar on evidence requirements for market access purposes for medical technologies in Europe

April 2022: Major update of the Introduction into European market access for Med Tech companies presentation (described the reimbursement mechanism in place in England since 2021/22, removed all information regarding English innovation payment schemes which were discontinued, updated the description of the funding framework in Switzerland, introduced the HTA program (conducted by the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health) which has a goal to reassess the benefits already reimbursed by compulsory health insurance, updated the table with types of reimbursement pathways for hospital procedures in Europe; furthermore, updated the statistics and introduced various less significant changes throughout the presentation)

March 2022: Released new overviews of Belgian, Dutch, and Polish reimbursement systems for medical aids

February 2022: Major update of the Introduction into European market access for in-vitro diagnostic tests presentation (main changes include introduction of the concepts of Rapid Uptake Product and Med Tech Funding Mandate frameworks in England, introduction of a slide that describes specific programs of IVD reimbursement in Belgium, update of the Innovation Funding part by presenting Forfait Innovation framework in France, Subsidy scheme for promising care framework in the Netherlands, and Coverage with Evidence Development in Switzerland; furthermore, updated the statistics and introduced various less significant changes throughout the presentation)

January 2022: Released new overview of the Belgian hospital reimbursement system

Update of the overview of Dutch hospital reimbursement system (introduced slides describing the “other care products” (OZPs), description of the Optional Services was updated, updated various statistics throughout the presentation)


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