English hospital reimbursement system

This online on-demand 70-minute seminar gives a comprehensive understanding of the hospital reimbursement landscape for medical devices in England. Available as pre-recorded webinar or full presentation in Acrobat PDF

England is one the most attractive markets for medical devices in Europe.

Large population, well-structured reimbursement processes and first-class research and treatment facilities make it the country of choice for market entry for medical device companies.

On the other side, market access in England is very much evidence-driven, which requires good level of clinical evidence for acceptance of novel technologies. Also, a complex reimbursement system (National Tariff Payment System) and funding framework (including commissioning by NHS England or Clinical Commissioning Groups) with a strong advisory role of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) makes the market access environment difficult to understand and navigate in.

We built this seminar based on experience from dozens of market access projects in England, to help develop better understanding of the market access landscape in England and to inform better business decisions whether to go to this market or not and if yes, how to approach it.

What topics are reviewed?

Key stakeholders and their role in reimbursement processes

Key stakeholders are reviewed including payers, policy-makers, advising organizations, managers of procedural (OPCS) classification and payment system (HRG, National Tariff)

Specifics of commissioning processes by NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are reviewed as well

Money flow, hospital payment system and specifics of HRG

Money flow and distribution of funds, overview of the payment models (within and outside National Tariff Payment System), composition of National Tariff, specifics of Healthcare Resource Groups (HRGs), process to introduce changes into HRG system

Innovation funding landscape

Landscape after Accelerated Access Review, Accelerated Access Collaborative, transformative technologies, Innovation and Technology Payment, Commissioning through Evaluation

Role of health technology assessment

Overview of five med tech and IVD programs at NICE, role of HTA in market access for medical devices and IVD tests

What topics are not covered?

Some topics are not specifically covered in this seminar: reimbursement model in out-patient settings, reimbursement for medical aids (devices for home use) and in-vitro diagnostic tests, nuances of health technology assessments at NICE, funding of capital equipment

Introductory presentation also does not include details of reimbursement application processes (e.g. application form, requirements, details of the process for creation of procedure code, HRG change, adding device to the High Cost Device List etc.)

Topics that are not covered in this seminar, will be covered in the future courses. You can subscribe to our newsletter and inform us about your particular interests at the main page of the Market Access Academy

How seminar is delivered?

Option #1: Pre-recorded webinar

One option is to watch the seminar, which is provided as a pre-recorded webinar. The duration of the webinar is 1 hour 14 minutes. Seminar is available for 6 months

Option #2: Presentation in Acrobat PDF

You can also access just the educational material - the full presentation of the seminar in Acrobat PDF

View extract from the seminar

This 3-minute extract presents overview of the reimbursement via High Cost Device List in England


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