French reimbursement system for medical devices and IVD tests

This online on-demand 40-minute seminar gives a comprehensive understanding of the hospital reimbursement landscape for medical devices in France. Additional modules cover reimbursement of IVD tests and screening methods

Available as pre-recorded webinar or full presentation in Acrobat PDF

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France is one of the largest markets for medical devices in Europe.

French reimbursement is very complex and has high evidence requirements. However, once reimbursement is obtained, a product can benefit from access to the large population. France has a unique possibility to establish a brand-specific reimbursement for expensive implants and invasive non-implantable medical devices via LPPR List.

The French system has unparalleled in Europe opportunities for coverage with evidence development (PHRC and PRME programs), innovation funding (innovation package), telemedicine (ETAPES program) and bundled funding for novel models of care (Article 51 regulation).

France also has a unique approach for funding of innovative tests via so-called RIHN nomenclature.

It is essential for medical device and IVD companies to understand the pathways to the ultimate goal of reimbursement (integration into DRG or add-on reimbursement) and opportunities for early funding and coverage with evidence development in France. We offer a seminar on critical elements of the hospital reimbursement system for medical devices that can guide your decision-making in this complex country.

What topics are reviewed?

Key stakeholders and their role in reimbursement processes

Key stakeholders are reviewed, including payers, policy-makers (Ministry of Health, UNCAM), advising organizations (HAS), manager of DRG system (ATIH)

Money flow, hospital payment system, reimbursement nomenclatures

Money flow and distribution of funds, reimbursement nomenclatures (CCAM, NABM, NGAP), an overview of the hospital payment system (DRG system), add-on reimbursement for implants and invasive non-implantable devices via LPPR List, process for inclusion into LPPR List

Coverage with evidence development and innovation funding landscape

Overview of coverage with evidence programs (PHRE and PRME), innovation package (forfait innovation), Article 51 of the Social Security Financing Act, which enables bundled payment for novel models of care

Additional modules

Reimbursement system for in-vitro diagnostic tests

A separate comprehensive overview of the reimbursement system for IVD tests in France, including NABM and RIHN catalogs, coverage with evidence development programs

Organization and financing of screening methods

A separate comprehensive overview of the organizational and financing framework of screening methods (e.g. breast and cervical cancer screening) in France

What topics are not covered?

Some topics are not specifically covered in this seminar: reimbursement model in out-patient settings, reimbursement for medical aids (devices for home use), funding of capital equipment, specifics of the reimbursement pilot for telemedicine solutions within ETAPES program

The introductory presentation also does not include details of reimbursement application processes (for example application form, requirements, details of the process for the creation of CCAM code or add-on reimbursement)

Topics that are not covered in this seminar will be included in future courses. You can subscribe to our newsletter and inform us about your particular interests at the main page of the Market Access Academy

How is the seminar delivered?

Option #1: Pre-recorded webinar

One option is to watch the seminar, which is provided as a pre-recorded webinar. The duration of the webinar is 43 minutes. Seminar is available for 6 months

Option #2: Presentation in Acrobat PDF

You can also access just the educational material - the full presentation of the seminar in Acrobat PDF

View extract from the seminar

This 2-minute extract presents overview of the reimbursement nomenclatures (CCAM and NABM) in France


Updates of the seminar

May 2020: Substantial changes were implemented (v2.1):
• New slide about Financial Incentive for Quality Improvement (IFAQ)
• New slides about intra-GHS reimbursement pathway
• Updated information about LPPR registration using a generic category
• Updated information about the process of performing economic evaluations in connection with the LPPR pathway by CEESP
• Statistics about economic evaluations in connection with the LPPR pathway

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