Reimbursement landscape for health apps

A syndicated 105-page report on current and future reimbursement landscape for health apps in five European countries

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Digital health is a dynamic field with a significant amount of innovation. Digital health technologies include solutions for tele-consultation, remote monitoring, connected devices, digital platforms and health apps. 

While health apps are becoming of high interest to patients, healthcare providers and payers, it takes time for reimbursement systems to adjust and introduce a payment mechanism for health apps. 

Reimbursement is one of the key barriers for the adoption and wide dissemination of health apps. 

In this report, the leading European Med Tech consultancy MTRC summarized information about current and future administrative and reimbursement landscape for health apps in the countries with the most advanced payment systems for E-health in Europe. 

Key features of the report

5 EU countries

Landscape is analyzed in the countries with established or emerging reimbursement systems for E-Health: Belgium, England, France, Germany and the Netherlands

Current reimbursement framework

Current reimbursement framework is analyzed including a standard and innovation funding schemes

Examples of reimbursed apps

Several examples of reimbursed apps are reviewed in each country

Evidence requirements

The report includes a detailed overview of the existing frameworks for evaluation of evidence of benefits of health apps in England, France and Germany

Reimbursement pathway

Summary of key activities to be considered by developer of health apps is provided by country

Upcoming changes of reimbursement system

Upcoming changes in reimbursement systems are discussed as well

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Specifics of the report

Belgium: mHealth Belgium platform, validation pyramid for apps, current reimbursement model and changes with the process at INAMI

England: NHS Apps Library, NHSX Digital Health Technology Standard, evidence standard framework of NICE, current reimbursement model, use of innovation funding to cover health apps, published and ongoing assessments of digital health technologies by NICE, Funding Mandate of NHS England

France: guidelines for evaluation of digital technologies of HAS, LPPR pathway for health apps, current reimbursement of apps for telemonitoring as part of ETAPES program, funding of apps as part of the coverage with evidence development programs

Germany: reimbursement via selective contracting, specifics of the Digital Health Law (DVG) and accompanying regulations, coverage of apps as part of the research projects funded by Innovation Fund at G-BA

Netherlands: National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL), current reimbursement model, funding of apps as part of the coverage with evidence development programs


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