Scottish hospital reimbursement system

This online on-demand seminar gives a comprehensive understanding of the hospital reimbursement landscape for medical devices in Scotland. Provided in the form of the presentation in Acrobat PDF

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Scotland has a significantly different organization and financing of health care system from England. 

Unlike the DRG-based financing in England, Scottish health care system mostly financed via a global budget principle. DRG is used for between-territory reimbursement of care. 

Another important factor for market access is designation of service as a Special Clinical Service, with a specific commissioning approach.

Health technology assessment also plays a significant role in adoption of novel technologies by end-users. 

We offer a seminar on critical elements of the hospital reimbursement system for medical devices in Scotland that can guide your decision-making about the introduction of novel technologies into this market.

What topics are reviewed?

Key stakeholders and their role in reimbursement processes

Key stakeholders are reviewed, including payers, decision-makers, technical support and decision-influencers

Money flow and payment system

Money flow, reimbursement of hospital services, the role of the Scottish National Tariff

Specialist Clinical Services

The concept of the Specialist Clinical Services, the process of inclusion of new services. Commissioning of highly specialized services outside Scotland (England and EU)

Role of health technology assessment

The role of health technology assessment in market access for medical devices in Scotland

What topics are not covered?

Some topics are not specifically covered in this seminar: reimbursement model in out-patient settings, reimbursement for medical aids (devices for home use) and in-vitro diagnostic tests, funding of capital equipment.

The introductory presentation also does not include details of reimbursement application processes.

Topics that are not covered in this seminar will be included in future courses. You can subscribe to our newsletter and inform us about your particular interests at the main page of the Market Access Academy.

How is the seminar delivered?

Presentation in Acrobat PDF

At the moment, you can only access the educational material as the full presentation of the seminar in Acrobat PDF

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