Spanish hospital reimbursement system

This online on-demand 18-minute seminar gives a comprehensive understanding of the hospital reimbursement landscape for medical devices in Spain.Additional modules cover reimbursement of IVD tests and screening methods

Available as pre-recorded webinar or full presentation in Acrobat PDF

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Spain has a large population and a relatively big potential for medical device companies.

However, Spain has a completely different reimbursement and funding environment from other European countries. Hospitals are mainly financed via a global budget principle, and there is no reimbursement system in place.

The key to the introduction of novel technologies is acceptance at the hospital. Clinical evidence and budget impact data have the highest importance for obtaining coverage of the technologies. Some technologies with a big impact on public health could benefit from endorsement at the level via inclusion into Common Package of Benefits – Spanish benefit catalog.

Our seminar can help you to navigate the hospital-based funding environment for medical devices in Spain.

What topics are reviewed?

Key stakeholders and their role in reimbursement processes

Key stakeholders are reviewed, including payers (regional ministries), policy-makers (Ministry of Health, regional ministries, Interterritorial Council of National Healthcare System), advising organizations (Commission of Benefits, Assurance and Financing, and health technology assessment bodies)

Payment model

Payment models in the hospital sector are reviewed, including global budget and diagnosis-related groups, principles of budget allocation

Nationally guaranteed services and role of HTA

Role of Common Package of Benefits, principles of development of the Package, the role of individual stakeholders, the role of health technology assessment in the introduction of medical devices

Additional modules

Reimbursement system for in-vitro diagnostic tests

A separate comprehensive overview of the reimbursement system for IVD tests in Spain

Organization and financing of screening methods

A separate comprehensive overview of the organizational and financing framework of screening methods (e.g. breast and cervical cancer screening) in Spain

What topics are not covered?

Some topics are not specifically covered in this seminar: a reimbursement for medical aids (devices for home use), funding of capital equipment.

Topics that are not covered in this seminar will be included in future courses. You can subscribe to our newsletter and inform us about your particular interests at the main page of the Market Access Academy.

How is the seminar delivered?

Option #1: Pre-recorded webinar

One option is to watch the seminar, which is provided as a pre-recorded webinar. The duration of the webinar is 18 minutes. Seminar is available for 6 months

Option #2: Presentation in Acrobat PDF

You can also access just the educational material - the full presentation of the seminar in Acrobat PDF

View extract from the seminar

This 1-minute extract presents overview of the payment models in hospital settings in Spain


Updates of the seminar

November 2021: Update of the overview of the Spanish IVD reimbursement system (introduced slides that describe an overview of the reimbursement system for IVD tests, financing of the health care system, Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS), inclusion and exclusion of services into/from the Common Package of Benefits)

July 2021: Update of the overview of the Spanish hospital reimbursement system (Introduced slides explaining the organization and role of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS), introduced the concept of Benchmark centers, departments, and units of the National Health System (CSURs), introduced the concept of Healthcare Cohesion Fund, updated statistics throughout the presentation)

September 2020: Update of the overview of the Spanish reimbursement system (broader explanation of the criteria for the inclusion/exclusion in the Common Package of Benefits)

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