Key trends in European market access for medical technologies

This free webinar provides an overview of key trends in market access for medical technologies in Europe, based on extensive consulting practice of MTRC


Market access is a relatively stable field with only some developments (e.g. introduction of Innovation and Technology Payment in England or prolongation of G-BA Innovation Fund in Germany). However, there are some major underlying trends, that shape the whole market access landscape and which require a rethinking of some of the approaches to market access. Some of these trends require close collaboration with clinical affairs and marketing.

In this free webinar, we discuss the key trends, affecting market access landscape, including a growing competition for hospital budget, disinvestment policies, therapy development vs selling devices, innovative payment schemes, value-based health care and bundled payments, enabling patients and utilizing their support.

Discussion of each trend is concluded by the key takeaways and recommendations for the Med Tech industry.

This webinar is free of charge.

What topics are reviewed?

The role of market access and recent major changes in the landscape

Typical activities of market access function, recent changes with market access in key EU countries

Growing competition for the hospital budget

Increasing financial pressure on hospitals, hospital decision-making, and factors affecting the choice of medical technologies

Disinvestment policies

Value of disinvestment, Program budgeting and marginal analysis (PBMA)

Therapy development vs selling devices

Focus on the whole pathway vs end-user, the importance of referral practice

Innovative payment schemes

Objectives of innovation payment schemes, existing schemes in Europe, focus of the schemes (unconditional funding vs coverage with evidence development)

Value-based health care and bundled payments

Outcome-based payment models, bundled payment models in Europe

Enabling patients and utilizing their support

The value of raising awareness among patients about a disease and available treatment options

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This 1-minute extract presents discussion about the innovative payment schemes for medical technologies in Europe


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