Challenges of the European market access function in a medical device company

This free webinar provides an overview of typical challenges of market access function (reimbursement, funding, evidence development) and how these challenges can be addressed using MTRC best practices


Market access is a very challenging function. Analysts need to understand a general reimbursement landscape, being able to determine current reimbursement status of technology, develop strategy, advice on necessary clinical and economic evidence, engage with clinical and non-clinical stakeholders, and provide ongoing support to market access activities.

What are the key challenges of the market access function? How can companies better address these challenges?

In this webinar, we present an overview of key market access functions, associated challenges, and how MTRC organizes its processes and materials in relation to reimbursement analysis, strategy, maintaining overviews of the reimbursement situation and pathways in individual markets so that you could learn and improve your organization using these best practices.

This webinar is free of charge.

What topics are reviewed?

Typical market access functions

What constitutes market access? What are the typical activities of European Med Tech market access professional?

Challenges of understanding current reimbursement landscape in EU region

Key payment models for hospital services, existence of innovative payment schemes, complexity of individual markets, the need for having and maintaining a good overview of general market access landscape

Challenges of the reimbursement analysis

What is included into reimbursement analysis? What are the typical challenges? What are the best practices from MTRC to ensure high quality of reimbursement analysis?

Complexity of determining reimbursement pathways

What impacts reimbursement pathway? What are the common types of reimbursement pathways? How complex is to make changes in individual countries?

Clinical and economic evidence requirements

What is the level of evidence requirements in relation to reimbursement and funding processes? The important of value proposition

Role of stakeholder engagement

Two key values and challenges of stakeholder engagement in market access processes

View extract from the webinar

This 3-minute extract presents discussion about the need for development of clinical evidence to support reimbursement


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